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3-Pizza Pack


Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza. But when comparing Giordano's to the other guys' pizza, that's where the similarities end. Our pizza isn't just deep, it's also stuffed. We tenderly layer quality ingredients (more than any other Chicago deep dish pizza) in a handmade double-crusted pie. What happens in the oven is nearly magical: quality ingredients come to their full potential within the double-crusted pie, delivering a cozy, comforting feeling and absolutely craveable taste that's pure Giordano's.

Select your flavors below (each pizza is about 10" and serves 2-3 people).

Extra Sauce packets are available to purchase for $3.45 each. Each packet includes two 4oz pouches of Giordano's pizza sauce. Two packets of extra sauce are enough for 3 pizzas.

*Please note the "HS" in our flavor selections below simply refers to "Heart-Shaped."

What Makes Our Pizza Special?

It's Stuffed

A Giordano's pizza is delicious ingredients layered inside a handmade, double-crusted pie. We make our dough in-house using our proprietary recipe. Freshness is key: we make every pizza using dough that was just produced, ensuring peak quality and incredible taste.

Ingredients: Top-Shelf Quality, and Lots of Them

We use more ingredients than other Chicago deep dish pizzas, including nearly a pound of mozzarella cheese in every pie. We make every batch of sauce ourselves using our secret recipe and vine-ripened tomatoes from Northern California. Our pepperoni is extra thick and half beef, and our sausage is made with an in-house recipe and no nitrates. Our pizzas are made with fresh ingredients - never frozen - and we use generous amounts of them!

Handmade in Chicago by Expert Pizzamakers

These are no assembly-line pizzas. Every pizza we ship is handmade by skilled pizza makers, many of whom have been making our pizzas for more than 20 years. Every pizza is made in Chicago before being shipped to your doorstep. 


  • CIndy
    Chicago il
    Excellent - the perfect gift
    New Jersey
    Great value and delivery. looked banged up but tasted wonderful.
  • Greg
    Harrisburg, PA
    This pizza tastes just as good as the ones you get in the restaurant. Purchased for a party and had a great time eating it all with friends!
  • Itzamag
    Granddaughter lives your pizza
  • Rocket
    South Carolina
    Outstanding. Quick delivery. 
  • Suzie
    Bremerton, WA
    Simply amazing. We brought home three frozen pizzas and have been enjoying them as a special treat. They are amazing!!! Only downside was that I was able to bring custom pizzas back with me however only the basic pizzas are available for shipping.
  • GreekGreek
    South carolina
    Very good
  • Sherriesbud
    Indianapolis IndianaI
    I live in Texas! The best pizza I have eaten! Going to order some on line to send to California and Texas!
  • Pizza lover maui
    MAUI, HI
  • Bonnie
    Fargo, ND
    this is the best Chicago deep dish/ stuffed Pizza I have ever had!!!!
  • Melissa
    Mobile, AL
    Best deep dish pizza ever.
  • CiCi
    Ponchatoula, La.
    One of my sons lives in Houston, Texas. After a visit to Chicago, I sent him a pizza from your restaurant. He’s now requested that I send one for his birthday and any time or occasion I can!
  • Nina
    Delicious, flavorful, Gratifying!! Best Chicago style stuffed pizza!!
  • Tacos
    Las Vegas
    Love this pizza deep dish is the best Giordano's has great atmosphere in Las Vegas great service and food will recommend it to everyone
  • Trina Neal
    Mattenson, Illinois
    “The best pizza ?? ever.” Come & get it.
  • coolbreeze83
    Hot Springs,Ar
    The pizza looks very delicious
  • Peanuts
    La Pointe, WI
    OMG in my 60 years on planet earth this was by far the BEST Pizza I have EVER had!!!!!
  • Mohnkern
    Germantown, MD
    I had four of these shipped to my house and had a Covid-19 pizza party with my family for my Birthday. These pizzas were amazing, and I'd been anxious to eat them the entire week before the party. They were as delicious as I remember.
  • Babymammothgoboo
    Cleveland, Ohio
    I bought the two pack and they were delicious, so good that my fiance who hates pizza devoured half a pizza. Then everyone told me to order from Lou Malnati's bc it was the best. Old Louie's pizza was a flavorless puck that had barely any cheese or crust. I gave the second pizza away. that was a day ago, now I'm ordering more Giordanos with the intention of hoarding it like a gluttonous dragon.
  • AutumnMarie
    Portland, OR
    I was in town and did a curbside order, before we left back to our home state of Oregon, after a disappointing dinner of Lou Malnati’s.

    My friends favorite is Lou Malnati’s, told her we’d try it.   My 18 year old son who eats EVERYTHING, didn’t finish even 1 of their slices!

    It was also my husband’s first time eating Chicago Pizza, didn’t want Lou’s to be his only experience... yours is what Chicago should always taste like!!!  

    Hands down, You are our family favorite!  

    Have had pizza shipped and been there more than a few times in person.
  • Different Xmas dinner
    Canton, GA
    This pizza is literally the best I’ve ever had. Even though it shipped frozen and I heated it in the oven. Nothing tips how good Giadornos deep dish is. My whole family agreed this is our new Christmas dinner tradition here in Georgia! 
  • amye
    SE texas
    We live in southeast texas and you can't get this here. This is the best pizza we've ever tasted! It's absolutely delicious! I will continue to order this pizza. And very filling
  • felixthegato
    Chicago, IL
    Grew up on Giordano's deep dish and while others may try - there's nothing like Giordano's deep dish - simply the best!
  • CamFam
    Miami, FL
    My family and I had never tasted a real Chicago deep dish so we were intrigued to know we could have them shipped to us in Miami, FL after watching a random YouTube video of some guy eating these Giordanos pizzas. The price was a little shocking to us but after they were delivered and heated up (first microwave then oven as per the instructions), we now think it's worth every penny! We got a cheese and a pepperoni. They were both fantastic. If you love cheese than you can't go wrong with either one. The cheese stretched so much it was funny trying to break the string as you eat.

    The only "complaint" we had is that there wasn't enough pepperoni. It seemed most of it shifted out of the center and into the edges and even then, we could barely taste them when we found one or two. It could have been an unusual pie so we're willing to try it again another time. But no matter, it was still tasty!

    The crusts weren't really anything to write home about. A bit bland but I enjoyed the flakiness.

    Overall, we recommend these pizzas for anyone wanting a TRUE Chicago pizza. For the price, it's worth it. Much cheaper than taking a trip to Chicago just to eat pizza.
  • E.Wade
    Dallas, TX
    Being in Dallas my family wanted Giordanos so bad, we cant just go out for Pizza as Dallas Pizza is not Like Homes! So this is Clutch!
  • Gt
  • Robert
    Houston, TX
    Arrived in less time than expected and rushed to try. Found not enough ingredients and was unable to order one with multiple ingredients for shipping. Great flavor and easy to follow instructions but would love to have multiple ingredients such as spinach, sausage and cheese.

Like Nothing Else

The legendary taste of Giordano's has been over 200 years in the making. Our roots originate in Italy from Mama Giordano's family recipe, but we grew up on Chicago's South Side, perfecting a stuffed deep dish pizza now famous around the world. The same double-crusted, cheese-stuffed pies that we serve in our acclaimed restaurants are shipped anywhere in the US, so you can experience the magic of Giordano's from home.