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Heart-Shaped 4-Pack (LIMITED TIME)


For a truly unique gift, whether it’s for someone else for just for yourself, Giordano’s heart-shaped pizzas are a wonderful pick! Each frozen pizza is about 10" and serves two to three people. Our heart-shaped pizzas are made from the same recipe and premium ingredients as our regular round pizzas, but in a limited-time shape ideal for gifts and special occasions.

Extra Sauce packets are available to purchase for $3.45 each. Each packet includes two 4oz pouches of Giordano's pizza sauce. Two packets of extra sauce is enough for four pizzas.

*Please note: the "HS" in our flavor selections below simply refers to "Heart-Shaped."

What Makes Our Pizza Special?

It's Stuffed

A Giordano's pizza is delicious ingredients layered inside a handmade, double-crusted pie. We make our dough in-house using our proprietary recipe. Freshness is key: we make every pizza using dough that was just produced, ensuring peak quality and incredible taste.

Ingredients: Top-Shelf Quality, and Lots of Them

We use more ingredients than other Chicago deep dish pizzas, including nearly a pound of mozzarella cheese in every pie. We make every batch of sauce ourselves using our secret recipe and vine-ripened tomatoes from Northern California. Our pepperoni is extra thick and half beef, and our sausage is made with an in-house recipe and no nitrates. Our pizzas are made with fresh ingredients - never frozen - and we use generous amounts of them!

Handmade in Chicago by Expert Pizzamakers

These are no assembly-line pizzas. Every pizza we ship is handmade by skilled pizza makers, many of whom have been making our pizzas for more than 20 years. Every pizza is made in Chicago before being shipped to your doorstep. 



Like Nothing Else

The legendary taste of Giordano's has been over 200 years in the making. Our roots originate in Italy from Mama Giordano's family recipe, but we grew up on Chicago's South Side, perfecting a stuffed deep dish pizza now famous around the world. The same double-crusted, cheese-stuffed pies that we serve in our acclaimed restaurants are shipped anywhere in the US, so you can experience the magic of Giordano's from home.