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Giordano’s wants to make our delicious deep dish pizza available to anyone. That’s why we will ship our frozen deep dish pizzas to anyone in the United States.

Select your flavors below (each pizza is about 10" and serves 2-3 people). 

Extra Sauce packets are available to purchase for $3.45 each. Each packet includes two 4oz pouches of Giordano's pizza sauce. 1 packet of extra sauce is enough for 2 pizzas.

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4-Pizza Pack
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Ship Authentic Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Anywhere

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a family or friend, finding a delicious deep dish pizza on your doorstep would make anyone’s day. While you may be able to find deep dish pizza outside Chicago, it’s not always authentic. Giordano’s is a Chicago staple — and we want to share it everywhere. We can ship our authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza anywhere in the United States, even to Alaska and Hawaii!

When you order a frozen deep dish pizza from Giordano’s, you’ll taste the difference. Every one of our deep dish pizzas is handcrafted and made with old-world techniques. We only use the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure the legendary Giordano’s taste. We use tomatoes that are handpicked when they are perfectly ripe, as well as our signature Wisconsin mozzarella cheese. Our ingredients and attention to detail make Giordano’s a truly one-of-a-kind pizza.

Every Giordano’s frozen pizza is 10 inches and feeds two to three people. You’ll also have several options to choose from — cheese, sausage, pepperoni and spinach.

We can ship our pizzas anywhere in the country because we use dry ice in the shipment. This keeps our famous deep dish pizzas frozen or partially frozen until they arrive at your home. When they do arrive, you should put them into your freezer right away.


A Great Gift for Any Occasion

Pizza is a wonderful dish for any occasion. From a non-conventional holiday meal to a birthday celebration, a Giordano’s pizza will make any occasion even better. Plus, a four-pack of our deep dish pizzas make a great gift. You can store them for up to six months, letting whoever you send them to enjoy them over time. Put in your order for Giordano’s four-pack of famous deep dish pizzas today!

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